September 3, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• What are the dates of Vishwakarandak 2018?
Vishwakarandak 2018 is from 10th of October till 13th of October.

• How do we register for the events?
You can register for the events at our publicity desk near the boat club.

• Where do I find out timings of the various events?
A PDF will be circulated on all official VIT WhatsApp groups containing the schedule of all four days.

• How do I find out the points earned by winning certain events?
A link will be shared on various platforms including your VIT email regarding points earned by winning events

• What are the most exclusive events of Vishwakarandak?
Drama, Bot Fight, Voice of VIT, UV Act, V-Rock and Footloose.

• Do we have to buy food coupons for the food at stalls?
No, you don’t need food coupons. Approach the stalls and pay there itself.