October 8, 2018


To ensure smooth and fair execution of all events during Vishwakarandak, there are some generic rules being laid down. It is mandatory for students of all departments to strictly follow these rules, failing to do so may result in direct disqualification.

  • Participation of off campus students (currently year down) in any event is not allowed. If found, will result in direct disqualification.
  • It is mandatory to carry a hard copy of your event receipt. For those who registered online must have the email for verification.
  • ID proof is mandatory for verification (preferably college ID or driving license/Aadhar card)
  • For all events under the Sports Committee, all the participants must carry their fee receipts for verification before the event begins. Failing to do so, he/she will not be allowed to participate.
  • For all events under the Sports Committee, participants can play in only one team per event. Participation in multiple teams for the same event is not allowed.
  • Mentioning department name in any form (for eg: as a part of a recording during an act/dance, department T-shirts during an act/dance, etc.) is prohibited and can result in deduction of marks on the discretion of judges.
  • For all events taking place in the auditorium (Footloose, V-Rock, Mr & Ms VIT, Drama, UV Act, Instrumental, Voice of VIT, Mi Atre Boltoy), it is mandatory to carry hard copy of your receipt. If you have the receipt in the form of an email then a hard copy of the same will be collected before the event begins, without which he/she will not be allowed to participate.
  • For those who register for events on-spot i.e. register for any events during Vishwakarandak (between 10th October to 13th October), it is mandatory to carry hard copy of the receipt for entry
  • In case of tie in any event, points would be divided between the winners (50% to each)
  • In case of tie for Vishwakarandak a tie breaker event will be conducted, choice of event will be on the discretion of organizing committee.
  • M.C.A. students’ participation will be considered as part of Computer-IT department and M.Tech students can also participate from their respective department (eg. M.Tech Mechanical students can participate from Mechanical department).
  • All the rules mentioned in the rule-books and the decision of judges and organizing committee are final and binding.

Hope you enjoy this Vishwakarandak !

May the best department win !

      –  Prof. Rajesh Dhake

(Dean-Students’ Activities)